Thursday, September 24, 2009

Celebrate National Punctuation Day

Jeff Rubin is the founder of National Punctuation Day. Quoting from the official NPD website, he says: “Casual shortcuts bred by e-mailing and text messaging have no place in school papers or professional business writing. In the business world, words have power and help decision-makers form impressions immediately. Careless punctuation mistakes cost time, money, and productivity." Well said. But, Law Writer simply will not post the entry requirements of the National Punctuation Day Baking Contest . . . oh well, why be so stuffy?


- Entrants must send a recipe and a sample of their cookie, cake, pastry, doughnut, or bread baked in the shape of a punctuation mark to National Punctuation Day, 1517 Buckeye Court, Pinole, CA 94564.
- Entrants must send two photos — one putting the item in an oven before baking and the other taking it out when it’s done. Make sure we can see the baked goods clearly.
- First-, second-, and third-place winners will receive a box of NPD goodies, and all entrants’ photos will be published on the National Punctuation Day website (
- All entries must be received by September 30, 2009."

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